Why Does My Cat Bite Every Time I Try to Touch It?


There are many words that are used to define mininos. Unpredictable is usually the one that best fits them. From My Animals, we will try to explain why, sometimes, your cat bites when you want to pet it.

The reasons for a born hunter

There are several reasons why our meowing and purring friends can bite us if we touch them. To understand one of the main reasons for this cat attitude, we must first understand its nature.

Let us start from the basis that the mininos are hunters and become experts in the pursuit, stalking and capture of their prey. Feline babies learn hunting techniques by playing with each other.

Once separated from their mother and their siblings, and if there is no toy between our hands and them, they will most likely devote themselves to ‘hunt’ the ends of our upper limbs, or our legs and feet.

Anyway, you should know that many times, the cat bites as a show of affection. It is very likely that, as a way of giving back the love you are giving him, put your hand in his mouth. In these cases, he does not usually use his teeth.

There are many and varied reasons why a cat bites. Here we tell you some information to avoid getting hurt from a loving interaction with your pet.

Learn to decode your pussy

If you look closely at your pet you should learn to realize when the pussy says: “Enough, it is well pampered.” And it is that as much as it was he who claimed caresses when he gets tired of them the cat bites to indicate that he no longer wants to be touched.

Sometimes, you can also take your hand away with your leg or tip us a blow. In general, these actions do not harm us, since they are carried out in a smooth and moderate way.

So, if you want to avoid this – seemingly puzzling – cat reaction, see if your pet was not warning you with his body language. For example:

  • Bringing his ears back.
  • Moving its tail restlessly.
  • Trying to get away from your contact.

Caresses and bites

In addition to unpredictable, we must point out that there is no felis catus equal to another. Every animal is a world. That is why not everyone enjoys caresses in the same parts of the body. What some people like is detested by others.

In addition, there are felines that would spend their lives receiving caresses and others that require few and in small installments. So, if you want to get along with your cat, learn to decode what he likes and what he doesn’t. And don’t force him to be caressed.

It is rare for a pussycat to resist pampering on the sides of his face or under the chin. The tenderloin can also be a good place to pet them, but while some love to be touched by the belly, others hate it.

It will be a matter of trial and error. And you may even have to endure the odd bite until you learn to detect the areas authorized and prohibited for these purposes.

Other reasons why the cat bites

But since they are not all flowers in the relationship with these beautiful felines, there are times when they can react violently and try to bite us hard and even scratch us. It usually happens if the animal is scared or feels threatened in different situations.

It can also happen that the cat is sick or feels some kind of pain and reacts in an aggressive way when we try to touch it.

In these cases, it is important to avoid contact with the pussycat if we do not want to get hurt. The recommendation is if within our reach, to cease the reason for your reaction and let the animal calm down before touching it again.

However, if your pet bites constantly, and outside the parameters considered normal, you may need to consult an animal behavior specialist. It is very likely that the cat has had poor socialization or has gone through a situation too traumatic at some point in his life.

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