What Pets Do Not Produce Allergies


We have finally decided to adopt a pet, but there are family members who have allergies, and we are making the choice difficult. Do you want to know which pets do not produce allergies? Well, look at this list that we created for you.

These pets do not produce allergies

As a general rule, the pets that produce more allergies are cats, but even within this species, there are some specimens that do not cause allergies to people. The same happens in the case of birds. We tell you what is best to have at home if someone has allergies.

Devon rex

You may remember that we have told you about this cat – in the photo that opens this article – about pointed ears, bulging eyes and short hair. The peculiarity of his hair is that it is so attached to the skin that it is almost impossible for them to separate.

People who have allergies to cats, it is not the animal itself, but the mixing of the hair with the saliva when they are cleaned. When this hair begins to spread throughout the house come sneezing and discomfort.


What if you don’t dare to adopt a cat even though you know someone who doesn’t give allergies? You could very well start with a small rodent-like the hamster. Of course, first, make sure you have no allergy to dandruff that your hair loose. If you have already spent a few hours with one without any incident, it could be the ideal pet for you.

Of course, remember that most of the time should be in his cage because that’s where he has his games and entertainment. This animal suffers from boredom and could insist on eating some of your most precious furniture or appliances.


If you like furry pets, but you have an allergy, it does not mean you have to give them up. There are few cases of allergies to rabbits that have been known, and even in some, there are those who have them as pets without major problems.

Having a rabbit can be a lot of fun, especially if you spend time teaching him things. It could look a lot like a dog! He will come when you call him (if you have him out of the cage), he will resent you if you scold him and look for your pampering all the time. And without allergies!


The poodle is one of the few races that has never had to talk about allergies or something similar. It seems that his hair, which never falls out, but that will have to be cut to eliminate knots, is not dangerous for allergy sufferers.

They are very nice and playful animals that will always be demanding your attention and your love, so you will enjoy living with one of them. Of course, almost everyone has problems in their vision when they are older, will you take care of it?


If you love animals, and you want to have one at home but you have an allergy, goldfish are ideal. You will enjoy its elegant movements and its multicolored beauty as long as you do not fear to sneeze, tearing or swelling in the eyes.

Sphynx cat

This breed is one that few like because they have no hair. But what better cat than a hairless one for those who suffer from pet allergies? Well, if you are one of those who like the different and original, and also do not want to give up having a cat because you love them, this is the pet you are looking for!

Of course, we must tell you that your skin needs daily care because you have to keep it hydrated all the time. Also, your ears, as they do not have hair protection, will have to be cleaned often and with determination, but with delicacy.


If what you want is to adopt a pet no matter what, perhaps a snake, an iguana or any other reptile will be ideal for you. You can also think of frogs or turtles. Anything to have an animal at home, right?

You see that these pets do not produce allergies, so choose the one you choose, you can live with it without a problem and without giving up your love for animals and your desire to have one at home. Do you already know which one you want?

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