Summer Recipes for Your Cat


Although our cats need optimal nutrition throughout the year, it is important to redouble attention with the arrival of summer. During summer, our cats must see their hydration reinforced and have a complete, but lighter, diet. To do this, you can use summer recipes for your cat.

Water: the best of the summer ‘recipes’ for your cat

With high temperatures, the body of cats can lose a good amount of fluids and electrolytes. Therefore, the animal needs to drink water or other healthy drinks to rehydrate and restore its body’s balance.

If a pussy does not drink enough water when it is hot, it usually causes a low metabolic rate and dehydration. The consequence is that symptoms such as tiredness or lethargy, lowering of blood pressure, dizziness and even fainting appear.

The lack of hydration and water that our pets need can lead to more serious problems. In addition, poor fluid intake impairs your kidney functions, which increases the risk of insufficiency.

The importance of drinking a lot of water

Even during the summer, it is common that the mininos do not show too much interest in consuming water. Therefore, owners need to provide liquids to their diet in a more ‘creative and attractive’ way to combat dehydration. It is very useful to please the pussies with a delicious and refreshing homemade recipe.

Of course, we will continue to leave fresh and clean water available to our mininos in their drinking fountain. But we will also stimulate your curiosity and appetite with popsicles, juices, and homemade wet foods. The important thing is that these preparations contain a high percentage of beneficial liquids and foods.

Next, we will see some ideas of summer recipes for your cat. But remember that these preparations will be offered as supplements or eventual goodies.

It is important that these summer recipes are not incorporated as the basis of your pussy’s diet. In addition, it is essential to have the guidance of a veterinarian to offer optimal nutrition to your cat in summer.

Poles for cats: cool your pussy’s palate!

The poles for cats are very refreshing preparations, which can be made with fruits and vegetables good for feline health. You can also make salted ice cream with an animal protein – such as chicken or fish – and vegetables such as carrots or squash.

Since most adult cats are allergic to lactose, we will not use common milk or dairy in recipes. To replace it, we can use vegetable milk – from rice – or natural low-fat yogurt or lactose. Or simply make water-based ice cream, 100% lactose-free.

This is the basic recipe to make an exquisite fruit pole for your pussy. Remember that it is possible to incorporate any fruit or vegetable that is beneficial to the health of your cat; It will always be important to offer ice cream in a moderate way.

Refreshing polo shirt ‘multifruta’ for cats


  • Two strawberries
  • Half apple cut into segments without seeds
  • ½ peach cut into pieces without bone
  • Two slices of cucumber
  • ½ cup of rice vegetable milk


  • First, we process and crush the fruits, and the cucumber with the rice vegetable milk until obtaining a homogeneous preparation.
  • Then we put the mixture in the molds to make ice cubes and take them to the freezer.
  • When our poles are ready, we can offer one cube per day to our pussy.

Summer recipes for your cat: fruit and vegetable juices

An even simpler way to keep your cat well hydrated in summer is to prepare exquisite natural juices. Again, we recommend you to know the fruits and vegetables beneficial to the health of your pussy, to know how to prepare healthy recipes.

Some ideas of juices and milkshakes for our cats:

  • Melon and cucumber juice
  • Apple juice
  • Vegetable milk, carrot, and pear smoothie
  • Super kebab of water kefir, peach, and strawberries
  • Watermelon refreshing juice

Remember that fruit and vegetable juices should not replace the water or the usual food of your pussy. These summer recipes for your cat are healthy supplements to stimulate you to stay well-nourished and hydrated with heat. However, they should be offered moderately because of the high sugar content.

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