If Your Cat Hits Snacks Follow These Tips


Cats have a tendency to bite us, other cats, other pets or other people around us. The truth is that in specific moments we could even have fun, but when this becomes a habit it can become something tedious. If your cat hits snacks, don’t miss these tips.

If your cat hits bites, follow these tips

There are several tips that you can follow to gradually teach your cat not to bite, especially if you have it since a puppy. With adult cats, teaching becomes somewhat more complicated, but it is also a behavior that can be eradicated.

Always keep in mind that your cat does not want to harm you, but that bites are usually a consequence of their games. You know how they like to play! If you have this fact in mind, you probably understand your cat’s behavior better and can show more patience when trying to uproot that attitude.

Set guidelines

Although your cat hits snacks, possibly as a sign that he wants to play with you, you have to make him understand that there is a time for everything, and sometimes you can play and sometimes you can’t. Do not allow me to ‘aggressively’ seek your attention.

On the other hand, if your cat gets bored, he is more likely to want to be and play with you. To help you with that, it is best to buy toys and a scraper with which you can advocate. The toys could be used as a barrier between your hand and his mouth, and thus make your cat get used to it. After several times he will bite the toys.

Correct him

That you understand that he does not do it with evil, that he only wants to play, and that what he needs is your attention, does not mean that you can turn a blind eye to his attitude. You must say ‘NO’ when necessary and teach another path to take.

Of course, remember that the screams, blows, and punishments do not lead to any place, because you will only get your pet away from you and that the bond that cost you so much to form between them is broken.

Positive reinforcement is always the best, but in this case without prizes. If you reward your cat because he stops biting you, he will think he has done something that you will always reward, so he would bite you again and stop doing it as soon as he has a chance to get his treat.

Leave it at your leisure

The bites of your cat could be causing that something does not like, is overwhelmed or you want to always have to close. Remember that cats are very independent and, although they will give you a lot of love, they will do it when they feel like it.

If you try to force the situation or hug him too much, you take him all the time from the ground, the cat may rebel, and his only way of expressing that something is not going well is with bites. How to avoid it? Know your cat, what he likes and what he doesn’t, let him be the one who looks for you and come to you when he needs it and observe his reactions to your caresses.

Make a visit to the vet

If after analyzing the previous points you see that the situation does not change, go to the veterinarian. It could be that a disease has more irascible or that behind the bites there is compulsive behavior caused by trauma, stress, anxiety or any other emotional cause.

Remember that observing your pet will always be the key to elucidating the root of a behavioral problem. If you give due attention to your cat, but without stress, it is possible that everything will return to normal.

You already know that the responsibility of having a pet goes beyond feeding and drinking, and that is that all your well-being, emotional and mental, depends on us.

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