How to Teach a Cat to Use the Litter Box


Teaching a cat can be a somewhat complicated task, especially if it is an adult animal. However, when you are a puppy it is easier to learn certain habits, such as using the litter box. In this article, we tell you how to achieve it.

Tips for teaching a cat and how to use the sandbox

In most cases, kittens learn from their mother everything they will use in their daily lives. But those who have been picked up from the street or have become orphaned will not have those lessons.

Teaching a cat to use the litter box is a challenge, and it depends on the cleanliness of the home and the hygiene of the animal. Pay attention to the following tips to make teaching easier:

1. Buy a suitable litter box

Unlike dogs, cats are more ‘detailed’ in terms of their tastes and personal belongings. Therefore, to use the litter box, it must be to your liking. In pet stores, you can find many different models, but not all are suitable for your pet.

As a first step, buy a large one so that it is comfortable and can cover your waste without problems. In case there is more than one cat, each one will have to have his own. And, also, take into account its location: place the sandbox in a little busy place such as the laundry room or the bathroom. Never arrange it next to your food or bed!

Another issue to consider is the sand you put inside. There are natural, synthetic and even with chemicals to neutralize odors. Look at which one is more comfortable and do not fill the container to the fullest: you must leave room for the animal to cover the feces without throwing them everywhere.

2. Pay attention to cat habits

To teach a cat to do anything, it is essential to respect their activities and their daily habits. For example, some make their needs after eating and others after napping.

Knowing this custom will help you direct it towards your litter box and prevent it from defecating in any other corner of the house.

3. Make teaching a game

This advice also applies to other activities that the pet may not like so much, such as brushing her hair. Play with the cat near its litter box so that it can get used to that vessel so far unknown or unknown.

You can also place it inside and tell it to dig or play with the sand, and even use your fingers to remove the material. If your cat does it there and doesn’t cover it, take the shovel and bury it; This way you will know how to act. Do not take the animal’s legs and press it to follow you, because that will bring the opposite effect to what you want.

4. Do not yell or scold

To teach a cat you must be very serene and avoid frightening or yelling at him. Keep in mind that if you are very small, and no one has explained where to do your needs, it is a lack of knowledge, not an act of rebellion.

Many make the mistake of rubbing the animal’s nose in the waste left in the wrong places. You will only make the pet fear you.

On the contrary, when you get used to the box and use it properly, you should praise and pamper it. Congratulating good behavior has better results than punishing when it disobeys, especially in cats a bit ‘rebellious’ like the Siamese.

5. Take the waste to the litter box

If your cat uses a place other than the sandbox as a ‘bath’, instead of taking what he did to the trash, take it with a plastic bag and place it in the litter box. Then clean the area very well so that its aromas are not left. Repeat this as many times as necessary, until the animal understands that it must defecate there.

In the event that the cat does not learn to use the litter box, you can opt for the alternative of placing it in a closed room and leaving it there to get used to for a couple of hours.

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