How to Recognize a Good Pet Food


When we have a pet, it is logical that we worry about providing a good quality of life. And there are many factors that we must take into account to achieve it. Among them, without a doubt, is the food we must provide. Therefore, today we tell you how to recognize good pet food.

Your pet is also what he eats

Beyond the type of food – homemade or commercial – that you choose for your friend, the important thing is that you advise to provide a balanced diet at each stage of its existence and according to its particular characteristics: size, the energy spent, if suffer from any disease, etc.

In any case, it will be your dog or your cat who will tell you, in its own way, if what you eat is providing all the nutrients it needs. And is that an animal feeding properly looks, at first glance, healthy and happy.

Then, a pet that receives a quality diet and according to their needs, unless there is a health problem, should be noted for :

  • A lively and cheerful look.
  • Energy is translatable in wanting to play, walk, etc.
  • Soft and shiny fur.
  • Stool firm, small and not too fragrant.

For your partner to live healthy and happy you must provide, among many other things, quality food. Therefore, you must learn to recognize good pet food.

Pay attention to the ingredients

It is clear that your pet is the most suitable to detect if its food is good. But if you decided to give it commercial food or want to change brands, we leave you some tips when buying food or canned food.

It is well known that the pet products’ industry is big business. And it is also more than clear that everything that glitters is not gold. Therefore, it is important that you learn to decode the list of ingredients and find out everything that may raise doubts with a trusted veterinarian or an animal nutrition specialist.

And although it is assumed that what it says on the packaging must be true, because it had to be verified by the state control agencies, when it comes to the health of your partner, it never hurts to be cautious.

This should be a good pet food

So what is the most appropriate composition for good pet food? Let’s start with the essentials: cats and dogs are mainly carnivores (more first than second). For this reason, your diet should be, above all, based on animal protein.

Thus, you should choose feed or canned foods that, as stated on their labels, prioritize ingredients such as beef, chicken, pork or lamb. It is important that you specify what type of meat was used and how it is presented: concentrated, dehydrated, etc.

Keep in mind that it is not ideal that animal proteins are incorporated, mostly, such as chicken flours, meat, etc. And, much less, as by-products. Carbohydrates, meanwhile, are not essential for our pets. They should not be the main ingredients of quality feed or canning.

In this section, there are cereals, both in the form of grains and flour. And while they provide protein, these are not the most needed by dogs and cats. In any case, rice seems to be the most recommended ingredient in this area.

What else you should look in the package

In addition to protein, good pet food should contain lipids in the form of animal fats and vegetable or marine oils. And, of course, necessary amounts of vitamins and minerals. In any case, you can consult with a specialist the specific requirements of your pets.

Fiber, meanwhile, is important for the proper functioning of the intestinal tract of pets. The best sources of this element are found in beet, tomato or apple pulp.

If you have cats, pay attention that the food you buy contains taurine, an essential amino acid that felines are not able to synthesize themselves in the amount they require. Its failure can cause blindness or heart problems.

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