Curiosities About the Black Panther


The black panther is a mysterious and beautiful animal while arousing our curiosity, and also our fear. There are a series of curiosities about her that you would like to know and that will bring us closer to this amazing feline. Do you want to meet them?

The most curious things about the black panther

They are elusive

Although they can scare us, they themselves are scary and, because of that, as soon as they feel a threat or that another predator pursues them, the trees hide, to which they have impressive ease of climbing.

Your jaw

Despite meeting other fierce felines, the jaw of the black panther has no competition. He is said to be able to chew his prey, his bones, and even his brain. Awesome!


They say that a mother’s courage has no limits. The one with the black panther either. Despite being scary and fleeing from any threat, if this threat stalks her young, the panther will take out its claws and will not stop until its opponent dies or goes very far.

Is cautious

He is a big cat, we cannot deny that, but his ability to follow his prey stealthily and silently is incredible. You can do it even for several hours, in which it will gradually approach and unnoticed. When your prey realizes it will be on it.

Control the food

When we talked about wolves, we learned that they eat endlessly because they don’t know when they will have another prey. Well, panthers are very different in this regard. They hunt an animal, eat what they think they need, and bury what is left to return later for their next ration.

It washes after eating

Once he has buried his prey, he spends hours licking himself to eliminate any smell, however small, so that other animals do not know that he has hidden something, follow his trail and steal it. So you will have your next guaranteed meal.

They become independent early

Since they are born they are with their mothers, until… they turn one year old! Yes, after one year of age they consider themselves totally autonomous and say goodbye to their parents to find their own territory.

He is the biggest cat of …

The black panther is the largest feline that inhabits America and the third-largest in the world preceded by the lion and the tiger. It can measure 1.5 meters long, up to 65 centimeters wide and weigh 90 kilos.

It’s nocturnal

The black panther is a nocturnal animal, so all its activity, of hunting, relating, eating, or any other, is carried out at night. The color of his hair helps him to go unnoticed by prey and predators.

The day goes by hidden among the trees waiting for the night to fall. It has a tremendous adaptation to being uploaded to the branches of the trees and behind the bushes to be extremely comfortable.

It is not predatory of men

Although in various cultures it has been believed that the black panther is a dangerous animal, it is not at all true. The panther only attacks if she is threatened, so if you don’t do anything, she won’t do anything to you.

Now, it is true that the poaching of this animal has caused him to have an atrocious fear of humans, which we have earned, and to defend ourselves it is possible to attack, as we all would.

It is very adaptable

Although it lives in the rainforest, the black panther is very adaptable and is able to live in very varied places and with very different climates, from lush forests to desert areas.

What do you think about getting closer to this beautiful and impressive animal? Surely your curiosities have made us see a new facet of this animal.

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