Angora Cat Hair Care


If something catches the attention of Angora’s cat, it is undoubtedly her hair, which is soft, leafy and always seems fresh from the hair salon. The fur of our pets needs care ranging from the use of specific shampoos to daily brushing, but what about Angora cat hair care?

How is the Angora cat

This cat comes from the Turkish city that bears his name and is characterized by its long soft hair that resembles the most exclusive wool. It is usually white or black, although more and more variants have been admitted, and we can see them in gray, brown and mixed.

It is medium and, although its legs are small, its body is long and slender, which brings a touch of elegance exclusive to its breed. There are some specimens that have different colored eyes, a phenomenon that still has no scientific cause, but that gives an extra touch of beauty to the lucky ones who get them.

How to care for angora cat hair

If we want the beauty of our Angora cat to last over time, we must take care of your hair in the most correct way possible. To do this, follow these tips:


They say we are what we eat, and yes, food greatly influences how you see us on the outside. In our animals, this principle is also applicable. Therefore, so that Angora’s cat hair looks healthy, shiny and silky, give her quality foods that provide all the nutrients her body and body need.

In addition, in veterinary stores, you can find very good quality feeds that have added components that help improve the health of your pet’s hair. Although these may be a little more expensive than the usual ones, in the long run, it will be worth it, not only because your cat’s hair will be more beautiful, but because his health will be better.


One of the characteristics that Angora’s cat hair has is that it falls, and not only in the seasons of molting. As he has so much hair and grows so fast, the new ones are displacing the old ones, and this always means that he has hairs to eliminate.

While brushing a couple of times a week is important in other pets, Angora cat has to be daily, even more than once if you can. This will remove dead hair and strengthen the new one. Just remember that you should never brush against the counter.

Brushing it daily will also prevent you from getting knots, another problem that your fur presents. If these were to be formed, and many were made, there would be no choice but to cut it.


On many occasions, we have told you that the use of our shampoos for our pets is not appropriate. When it comes to hair as special as that of Angora’s cat, much less. There are specific products for your hair, as well as softeners and dirt repellents that will keep you clean for longer.

Remember that, although cats have a hygiene routine, that does not mean that a cat should not be bathed. Just do not do more than recommended, which is about once a month.

Give love

You may think about what love has to do with the hair of Angora’s cat. Well, they say that happiness is reflected on the outside, that the state of the heart is what dictates what others see in us: a happy cat will be a beautiful cat.

A battered cat, who is not spoken with love, will be full of rage and will not exhibit its beauty, no matter how much it has.

You already know that a pet is a responsibility that we have to assume while being aware of the small details that have to do with their care, including their hair.

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